The Team Cleans Up
Earlswood Lakes

Earlswood Lakes is a beloved local treasure in Solihull. It is known for its tranquil beauty, diverse wildlife, and recreational activities.

With three linked reservoirs surrounded by charming woodland, it's a cherished retreat for both locals and tourists alike. Recognising the significance of this scenic spot, we decided it was time to lend a hand to help maintain this great local attraction.

Partnering for Progress

On a chilly day marked by stiff winds, our team joined forces with Amey to embark on a much-needed clean-up mission at Earlswood Lakes.

The team were lured in with the promise of a nice day out by the lakes. However, the horrible weather didn't put them off and everyone still had a great time and helped rejuvenate the area.

Refreshing the Walkways

The walkway rails, bearing the signs of constant use, were first on our list. Battling the winds, we applied a fresh coat of paint to revive their appearance. The fresh white paint brought them back to life and will help to protect them from the (obviously powerful) elements.

The combination of wind and wet paint also helped to freshen up the appearance of some of our team!

Addressing the Car Park

Next, we turned our attention to the car park. Several pesky potholes had cropped up, creating a bumpy experience for visitors. Armed with trusty rakes and wheelbarrows, we swiftly filled these in. The finished result was a much smoother surface, which we could vouch for having used the car park that day.

Unwavering in Adverse Weather

The weather that day was a challenge, to say the least. However, the team were unfazed by the gusty winds and dipping temperatures. All the tasks were completed with a smile, leaving the site with a sense of satisfaction at a job well done.

Investing in Our Community

This initiative is a part of our ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. At FLR Group, we're not just a flooring company; we believe in reinvesting and supporting our local communities and the environment. Our commitment extends to maintaining and preserving the local landmarks that make our region so unique.

We've Got It Covered

Come rain or shine, our team is always ready to help. From community clean-up days to larger environmental projects, we're prepared to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Simply put, we've got it covered.

Our efforts at Earlswood Lakes have made this cherished spot safer and even more welcoming. We hope that our initiative inspires others to also take care of the local spots they hold dear. Through such joint endeavours, we can ensure our community spaces continue to bring joy to everyone for years to come.