Our Flooring Mission
At The Belfry Hotel & Resort

The Mission

The renowned Belfry, a beacon in the golfing world, was up against a tight deadline. As the anticipation for the British Masters grew, we were handed a critical mission:

Give the lobby and changing rooms a complete flooring makeover within just 7 hours.

This wasn’t just about introducing new carpet tiles. The old carpets needed removing, the entire floor space demanded meticulous preparation, and the freshly chosen Milliken carpet tiles, stairs, and nosings awaited their placement.

Once our job was done, no trace of our intervention (except for the pristine floors) should remain.

The Approach

Knowing the importance and the pinch of time, we summoned a large force of our most adept fitters. Like a well-orchestrated operation, teams were set in motion: some expertly lifting the worn-out flooring, others prepping the foundation, and yet others masterfully positioning the Milliken carpet tiles.

As the evening shadows lengthened, the floors of The Belfry transformed. Stairs and nosings seamlessly integrated, and everything fell into place.

We've Got It Covered

By the time the evening hues graced the skies, our mission stood accomplished. The Belfry’s refurbished floors, absent of any debris, stood ready to usher in the champions and aficionados for the British Masters.

It might have been a race against time, but for FLR Group, it was just another day of delivering excellence. As the tournament kicked off, our pride resonated with every step taken on those floors, a testament to our team's unmatched dedication and prowess.

When the stakes are high and time is ticking, we've got it covered.