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INTERFACE ARE THE WORLD’S LARGEST DESIGNER AND MAKER OF COMMERCIAL CARPET TILES, inspiring customers with ideas, methods and materials.

Interface Carpet Tile

Interface are the world’s largest designer of commercial carpet tiles. Since 1973, Interface has been the industry’s leading innovator, providing customers with consistently high quality tiles and designs, with a stylistic flexibility to fit any room. Distinctive, durable and inventive – Interface products stand out from the pack in the carpet tile field.

A host of high quality products

The Interface carpet tile catalogue is an extensive collection, featuring everything you could need for your carpeting requirements. From its patented Intercell modular flooring system, which hides the electrical wiring for a more efficient workplace, to its beautifully natural net effect range, to stylish skinny planks that give a cosy though sophisticated finish to any room, Interface offers products to suit every space imaginable.

Bespoke designs for discerning clients

Interface carpet wants to be sure that all of its customers get exactly what it is they are looking for. That’s why it offers a bespoke design service, to ensure that even if clients cannot find precisely what they are after in the pages of the catalogue, it can be created for them. This is ideal for the company that wants to brand its business uniquely across its office setting to ensure its location lasts long in every visitor’s memory.

The benefits of modular design

One of the things that makes Interface carpet special is its commitment to modular design. With modular carpet tiles, we put the creative energy in your hands. You can mix and match tiles from different styles and designs with complete flexibility and true simplicity. Replacing tiles is simplified too, though thanks to the stunning durability of Interface’s products, plus a 15 year standard warranty, this is rarely required.

A sustainable company for a brighter future

Interface carpet has always taken its commitment to sustainable working practices very seriously. For Interface, this is much more than a mere corporate responsibility. Rather, it is a guiding principal that is central to everything it does. Currently, the company is pursuing Mission Zero with the goal of having no negative impact whatsoever on the planet by the year 2020.

The world’s largest carpet tile designer is also its most innovative, sustainable and forward-thinking. That’s why the smart commercial customers choose Interface when they need to add true quality and style to their rooms, buildings and workspaces.

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