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Healthcare Flooring

There are many important factors to take in to consideration, when you are choosing the best flooring option for a healthcare environment - whether that's a surgery, clinic or even a larger healthcare facility like a hospital. Durability is, of course, of critical importance - with heavy footfall, and the need for frequent cleaning - sometimes with astringent chemicals, it's vital that your flooring can stand up to the wear and tear.

Creating Calm

Of course, there is more than just durability to take in to account however. Hospitals and clinics can be extremely stressful environments, both for those attending for medical appointments, and for those working there. Creating a visually attractive, calming environment is an important way to produce a positive atmosphere, and keep your staff and visitors happy. So, why not move beyond the traditional very plain laminates, and explore the Amtico range, with all the colours, patterns and attractive designs that you could ever need?

The Amtico Abstract range features a collection of stunning, clean and neutral stone tiles, such as Metropolis Grey. The soft metal design is mixed with a subtle shimmer, to give an overall concrete effect, but with an element of softness and style. The perfect addition to any healthcare environment, this really is a very versatile option. For a lighter choice, why not look at Dry Stone Alba with its sandy tones, and a soft embossed finished, the Alba range brings a sense of freshness and lightness to any room. The lighter tones of this, and similar style such as this and Ceramic Ecru work well with a broad range of colour schemes.

Colourful Healthcare Flooring

For some areas, such as those catering for children or families - brighter bolder colours can be used to create a friendly, less intimidating environment. Of course, cleanliness and durability are still of paramount importance, but the Amtico Signature range has a number of beautifully styled, colourful designs that can meet all of your requirements. Find shades of pinks and purples, for example with the Mumbai range, or orange with the Sevilla range. These tiles can be used to create a whole, vivid floor for one room, or used in isolation to add small splashes of colour, creating patterns in a much larger area where a solid block of colour may be overpowering. Solid and reliable, the Amtico ranges can offer you the perfect solution to all of your healthcare flooring needs.

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