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Axminster, Synonymous With Quality

There are few brands that earn such a reputation within their sector as Axminster Carpets. A well-deserved reputation, Axminster Carpets can be found in many of the most luxurious and prestigious hotels.

A Brand And Style

Sometimes a cause of confusion amongst customers, Axminster is both a method of manufacturing carpets and a brand. The brand, Axminster Carpets founded this technique, which is now utilised by many other carpet manufacturers due to its excellent methods.

In the Axminster construction method, cut tufts of yarn are inserted in the weaving and held by metal grippers. They are then cut to length and positioned into the weave before being bound in place by the beater bars and backing yarns. This creates a carpet that is both incredibly durable and able to use many different colour tufts of yarn, which enables the incredible designs often seen in Axminster carpets.

Why Axminster for Hotels?

The rows of beater bars are layered to create a more durable carpet and are typically 5-12 rows deep. The more rows and layers make for a more durable carpet, however this also increases the cost. Fortunately, each carpet for each room can be specified with a different number of rows. Bedrooms could use 6 rows to minimise cost whilst the lobby and lounge could utilise 12 rows, to ensure higher durability.

Some hotels report that Axminster carpets last up to 20 years of heavy use, if properly specified and laid down we are not surprised!

Hotel carpet patterns

Due to the Axminster Carpet construction method, each individual tuft of yarn can be configured to create incredibly complex and beautiful carpet designs. This could incorporate branded signia and flourishes, recurring designs and so much more.

The more complex designs have no adverse affect on the durability of the carpet and Axminster can create bespoke designs to suit your exact requirements. Our team of experienced surveyors understand how and where to best use these features and are always happy to help.

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