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At FLR Group, we're proud to be a leading stockist of Bolon flooring. Now in its third generation, this family run business was founded in Stockholm more than 60 years ago, and since then has been offering fantastic flooring options.

Bolon Ethics

Originally producing environmentally friendly rag rugs made from textile waste, the company has come a long way since then. Spearheaded by sisters Annica and Marie, who have breathed new life into the brand, Bolon now combines traditional flooring concepts with innovative design, fashion and architecture, to create something truly remarkable. Their goal is to break down the traditional barriers of the industry, and it certainly seems like they're succeeding.

That's not to say the company has lost all its traditional values - the environment is still a major factor in their designs. In 2010 they developed their own plasticiser made from completely renewable, raw plant materials, and as of 2014 all of their flooring is 100% phthalate free. But if you're not convinced by their ethical manufacturing, you will be by their designs.

Why Bolon?

Bolon see flooring as so much more than simply something to walk on. They see it as a canvas for creativity and limitless possibilities, and it shows. If you want more than simple function and durability from your flooring (although Bolon floors do provide both of these in spades) and instead want something eye-catching that sparks the imagination, have a look through their collections. We're sure you'll find something that inspires you.

At FLR Group, we're Bolon flooring specialists. We can install Bolon flooring in many different environments, from schools to hospitals, but these designs would work particularly well in a creative office, trendy hotel or fashionable retail outlet. For truly modern, forward thinking décor, your interior wouldn't be complete without their woven vinyl tiles.

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