Modulyss Carpet Tiles

Innovative and breath-taking designs.

Modulyss exclusively designs and produces modular carpet tiles for the contract market. The brand prides itself on producing high quality products via sustainable methods in order to remain eco-friendly whilst providing innovative carpeting solutions.

Flexible Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles have a wide range of advantages which makes them a popular choice for commercial buildings. Firstly, carpet absorbs and insulates sound in order to provide better acoustics, and offers more comfort, better insulation and less risk of slipping than wooden or laminate or lino flooring might.

Secondly, carpet tiles allow greater flexibility and help you to save money. Should an area of the carpet become damaged, just those few tiles can be removed and replaced in order to minimise costs and disruptions. Compared to fitted carpets, there is less cutting waste with tiled carpet, which is another money-saving bonus. Installation of Modulyss tiled carpets can also be faster and simpler; the tiles are loose laid so there is no glue required, and there is no risk of damaging the floor underneath.

Modulyss' manufacturing process and eco-credentials

Modulyss carpet tiles are constructed with eight layers, two of which are bitumen:

1. Pile
2. Primary backing
3. Filament backing
4. Precoat
5. Bitumen
6. Woven glass fibre
7. Bitumen
8. Non-woven polyester

Bitumen is extremely flexible, does not contain PVC, aromas or dissolvers, is compliant with strict European fire safety regulations, and waterproof. This makes it an eco-friendly, safe and incredibly practical material.

To produce carpet backing, Modulyss uses their own carpet tile waste which is generated during cutting process when tiles are manufactured. Although Modulyss already keep waste to a minimum at 10%, by recycling it in this way they ensure their products are incredibly environmentally friendly and their manufacturing methods are sustainable.

Get creative with Modulyss

Tiled carpets give you greater flexibility in terms of your decor. You can mix and match different styles and colours to create your own patterns, and you can create a sense of individual spaces within one large room by changing the carpet style in each area. Overall, Modulyss allows you to make a room totally unique and original.

If you'd like an eco-friendly flooring option that provides flexibility and unique design options, Modulyss is the ideal choice. Contact the FLR Group today to discuss your installation.


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