Why you shouldn’t wait to install safety flooring

At FLR, we do everything we can to ensure our flooring solutions are affordable. However, we understand that new flooring can be expensive for many smaller, less well-funded businesses, so some delay installation. This isn’t a major problem if a business simply wants to have a new carpet or set of vinyl tiles fitted. However, if a business needs safety flooring, it should not wait too long before purchasing it. If your business needs safety flooring, we urge you to have it installed as soon as possible. It might seem like a big investment, but the advantages definitely outweigh the cost.

1. Protecting your workforce

Do your premises contain areas where employees may slip or trip? If so, it’s important to fit safety flooring as soon as possible in order to protect your staff. Losing a member of your workforce because they suffer an injury can be demoralising, and it can also affect your business’s productivity. What’s more, if an individual is injured while working on an ordinary floor, you may be liable for their injury because you failed to provide them with a safe surface (such as safety flooring) to work on. By fitting safety flooring as soon as you can, you reduce the risk of one of your workers having an accident. What’s more, you can protect yourself from being sued if a worker does slip.

2. Improving staff morale

As we’ve established, some types of work need to be carried out on safety flooring. If your employees have to carry out dangerous work on ordinary flooring, they will have to exercise constant vigilance just to avoid accidents. This can be exhausting and can affect their ability and willingness to work. The sooner you install safety flooring, the sooner your employees’ morale and productivity will increase.

3. Bolstering your public image

Customers are more likely to trust your business if it takes appropriate safety precautions. Installing safety flooring shows that you are committed to preserving the safety of your staff and customers. This can drastically improve your public image. Remember that your reputation can have a significant effect on your profits.

If your business doesn’t have safety flooring, your employees may be at risk, your business may not be 100% productive and your customers may lack confidence. Luckily, simply installing safety flooring can solve these problems instantly. So don’t delay: invest in safety flooring as soon as possible!