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No matter how much we prepare, flooding and water damage is a regular concern for many office spaces across the UK. We are all too familiar with the impact water ingress can have on office flooring, from minor localised damage to completely wrecking everything at ground level.

Our team can work with you to assess the damage and provide options to repair or replace the flooring. We look beyond the surface level and can rebuild from the sub-floor up, to ensure it is structurally sound and will last for years to come.

We work with most types of flooring, from practical carpet tiles and carpets to stylish vinyl flooring, like wood-effect vinyl tiles. Our team believe in our work, and we will stand behind it with our commercial warranty.

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We pride ourselves on doing more. More than turning up, putting the floor down and just leaving. More than a man, his van and a selection of flooring tiles. We're so much more than the standard contractor.

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