Altro Aquarius

Breakthrough safety flooring

Altro Aquarius is an award winning range, specifically engineered for wet environments that have both barefoot and shoe traffic.

Altro Safety Flooring

Altro Aquarius flooring is the latest breakthrough in safety flooring. It’s hard wearing, slip resistant and suitable for use with shoes or bare feet, so it’s ideal for mixed use or specific applications.

Slip-Resistant Flooring

This type of surface provides excellent slip resistance, with an ScoF rating of 0.88 in dry conditions and 1.03 in the wet when tested against ASTM D 2047. That means the expensive nightmares of the past, visitors to your premises slipping on a wet floor, can be all but eliminated by the installation of Altro Aquarius flooring in your building.

Slips became a cottage industry in their own right for a long time, with ambulance chasing lawyers encouraging anyone that slipped on a wet floor to make a claim. So if you take the advanced step of fitting Altro Aquarius flooring in an area that is only wet when it is cleaned, you are making a commitment to the safety of your staff and visitors that will pay off in the long run.

Of course, there are specific wet areas - kitchens, bathrooms and changing rooms, for instance - where this type of Altro flooring will satisfy all the safety requirements, make your cleaners’ jobs that much easier and also give you a stylish look that safety flooring of the past simply couldn’t. It is also a favourite for pool surrounds, shower areas, hydrotherapy pools and nurse assisted bathrooms.

Heavy-Duty Situations

Hospitals, schools and even fire stations have turned to Altro flooring as it can handle the impact of heavy boots and equipment, is suitable for those wandering the wards barefoot and will stand the toughest test of time. It’s resistant to staining and chemicals, too, thanks to Altro Maxis Easyclean PUR technology, which means it will last longer even with a heavy cleaning regime.

Designs to Fit

Altro flooring comes in a variety of finishes that will fit in with almost any corporate or school colour scheme. The textured finish adds a touch of class to your floor that will lift the whole room and that can make a huge difference to your client satisfaction.

Water Resistant

It is also easier to clean, as Altro flooring is totally water resistant, and when it is combined with an Altro Whiterock wall system, it provides a completely impervious barrier from the ceiling to the floor. That pays off in terms of hygiene, so when the environmental health officers visit, you know you’ll have taken every step to ensure that water and bacteria are not lurking in gaps in your tiles.


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