Altro Walkway 20

Lifelong slip and abrasion resistance.

Walkway is a hugely popular, hard-wearing 2mm safety flooring from Altro. Available in in 42 colours, the product is easy to cove and weld and looks great with a range of other Altro products.

Altro Safety Flooring

Safety flooring hasn’t always been known for attractive finishes, but Altro have successfully combined the two elements to bring you the Altro Walkway 20 series.

With two distinct products in the range, Altro Walkway 20 and Altro Walkway Plus 20, you’ll find the perfect solution to your safety flooring requirements.

Altro Walkway 20

The original product, hard wearing Altro Walkway 20, is a tough and durable 2mm safety floor. Aluminium Trioxide is found throughout the entire thickness of Altro Walkway 20, and thanks to the silicon carbide lining the surface of the material, the familiar slip resistant look which everyone recognises will reassure all who step onto it that they’re on a safe surface.

Altro Walkway 20 gives you the life long abrasion and slip resistance you’d expect from a quality safety floor. Thanks to the durable nature of its ingredients, it can also resist indentation and chemical damage, giving it an even better life expectancy than many safety floors on the market.

Altro Walkway Plus

If you’re looking for something extra, the Altro Walkway Plus might be exactly what you need. Suitable for extending into areas where the public are welcome, Altro Walkway Plus offers serious versatile functionality, as well as the long life slip resistance you’re looking for. Thanks to its superb non-sparkle finish, at first glance you wouldn’t know that you’re walking on a safety floor. The fresh, non industrial appearance makes even the largest of public areas seem warm and contemporary, allowing your visitors to feel very much at home.

As you’d expect, both Altro Walkway and Altro Walkway Plus feature Altro’s Easyclean Maxis PUR technology. The market leading development means both surfaces are incredibly easy to clean. Colour is retained rather than bleached out after exposure to cleaning products, thanks to its improved chemical and stain resistance. In comparison to other floors, the Altro Walkway floors have the lowest dirt collection properties, and independent studies have demonstrated that this, in combination with Altro’s other developments, means maintenance costs are considerably lower than other floor surfaces.

Can’t decide which Altro product you like most? The Altro Walkway and Altro Walkway Plus 20 can be used with the Altro Xpresslay range. Use them together, or in conjuction with each other. The majority of colours can be found on both of the product ranges for a truly coordinated look.

Two great looks, and one great product. Choosing an Altro Walkway safety floor should be one of the easiest decisions you’ll make this year. Get in touch with us today, and let's talk about which Altro Walkway surface will be the best match for you.


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