Balsan Carpets
Designer Commercial Carpets

A Brand With Heritage

With royal origins, Balsan began in 1755 as Manufacture Royale, founded by Louis XV of France. In 1857, the company was bought by Pierre Balsan, a man renowned for creativity, innovation and established a company ethos that persists until today.

With a history spanning over 250 years, Balsan has an unparalleled legacy of producing top-tier quality products that bring out the best in every space.

Through our partnership with Balsan, FLR Group brings the highest quality, innovative, and sustainable carpeting solutions right to your working space. We share Balsan's commitment to quality, design, and environmental responsibility, and we are pleased to offer their comprehensive range of carpets to our customers.

Exceptional Quality and Design

Balsan understands that flooring is not just a functional feature, but also a crucial design element. Their comprehensive range of designs, colours, and finishes ensures that there's a perfect Balsan carpet for every kind of interior, be it a chic urban office or a traditional boutique hotel.

Using only the highest-quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques, Balsan ensures that each carpet they produce is a work of art that transforms your space.

Environmental Stewardship

Recognizing the importance of sustainable manufacturing, Balsan is committed to preserving the environment while producing the finest carpets. Their eco-friendly practices include their zero-waste initiative, which includes working with local farmers to help turn waste into crop fertiliser.

In a conscious effort to reduce waste and water consumption in the manufacturing process they have an in-house water treatment station. They have also earned several eco-certifications, including NF Environnement and GUT, reflecting their commitment to sustainability.

Innovation & Technology

Balsan is always pushing boundaries when it comes to carpet manufacturing. They combine the latest technologies with their rich history and traditional craftsmanship, resulting in products that are aesthetically pleasing, highly durable, and easy to maintain.

Broad Range of Applications

Balsan have a wide range of commercial-grade carpets designed for use in various sectors, including hospitality, offices, education, and retail. With a mix of luxury, durability, and sound absorption capabilities, Balsan carpets offer practical and stylish solutions for all commercial flooring needs.