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Stunning & beautiful interiors through long-lasting and exceptional carpet solutions.

We are proud to work with brands such as Brintons, who have over 230 years of experience in the commercial carpet manufacturing industry.

Outstanding carpet solutions

Brintons understand the importance of creating outstanding carpet solutions for commercial use. Their award-winning carpets combine innovative design and experience with enhanced technical knowledge, creating quality and exceptional commercial performance as a result.

Brintons invented the concept of 80% wool and 20% nylon blend, which is now the global standard for axminster around the world. This blend helps to create lasting results, mixing the comfort of wool together with nylon’s durability and strength.

Carpets for every industry

Brintons’ experience in a variety of different industries is what makes them an excellent choice of carpet for your business. At the forefront of the global woven carpet industry, Brintons can create unique designs for every setting: from spas, resorts and hotels to convention centres and cruise ships.

This means you can have the most unique design to suit your business made by experienced and technical professionals, providing an individual style and functionality to every environment.

Wool carpets

Brintons are aware of their direct impact on the environment and their responsibility to limit that effect wherever possible. This is why using local, british wool is so important in the manufacturing process, where carpets are sustainably made with renewable resources such as wool.

Reusable and recyclable by its own nature, wool is the preferred choice of material for Brintons, making carpets infinitely more sustainable and reducing environmental impact. Brintons also choose local, British wool due to their bulk and resilient traits, ideal for the manufacture of quality carpets.

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