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Crucial Trading produce inspirational floor coverings that are extraordinary in their naturalness and their ability to make a simple, stylish statement in any home.

Stunning Designs

Crucial Trading are experts on floor coverings, having been in business for almost three decades. They work hard to create stunning designs, weaves and textures, using a selection of high quality, natural materials.

The quality of their floor coverings is assured, thanks to their small team of professional designers and craftspeople, who are continually updating their catalogue of designs by experimenting with new materials, patterns and textures to enhance every home.

Their speciality is creating unique rugs and customers will shortly be able to use our simple Rug Builder tool to achieve the design of their choice. This will provide millions of combinations, literally at your fingertips, so you can personally choose the design for that special rug to enhance any room.

One of our most popular textiles is wool. Comfortable underfoot and hardwearing, it comes in a diverse selection of colours. Alternatively, our mixed fibres rugs blend wool with natural plant fibres, such as jute, linen, sisal and cotton, to create innovative designs that are truly eye-catching. Visit the first Crucial Trading Showroom in The Midlands.


Jute comes from the inner bark of plants of the genus Cochorous, which grows in regions of Asia to a height of more than 3m. After harvesting, the stalks are placed in a moving stream of water so that the fibre can be removed. The strands can be up to 2m long. After being washed and sun-dried, they are taken to spinning mills to be made into yarn for use in products such as floor coverings.


Seagrass is grown in China and Vietnam in paddy fields that are flooded with sea water. It is harvested, dried out and made into a yarn that's suitable for weaving into many designs. The finished product is backed with latex to provide a natural, hard-wearing floor covering.


Sisal is the product of a plant that grows in China, Brazil and East Africa. The fibre is obtained from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana, and they're separated using a process called decortication. They are then washed and dried, before being graded. Finally, they are spun into a yarn that has many uses, including floor coverings.


Coir fibre is extracted from coconuts. It comes from the husk and is separated by a mechanical process, or by hand. The woody part is removed, leaving the coarse fibres, which are then washed and dried. Finally, they are hacked, before being spun into a durable yarn.


Wool has been used for making carpets since 3000 BC. It creates a warm, luxurious carpet that's renowned for its durability, and is a popular choice thanks to its natural resiliency, easy care, anti-static properties and flame retardancy. These properties make it an excellent choice for a luxurious floor covering.

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