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Desso Carpet focuses on superior floor design, providing high quality carpet tiles and broadloom carpets.

Desso Comfort and Style

You've probably walked on a Desso carpet tile recently – they're everywhere: in banks, shops, offices, schools and universities and almost anywhere you can think of where people gather. These market-leading carpets are known for their high levels of comfort, style and durability, so it's no wonder they're the choice of businesses everywhere.

Carpet Innovation

Desso carpet is constantly innovating to come up with flooring that captures the imagination and astounds. One example of this developmental focus is the company's collaboration with electronics giant Philips to create carpets that include LED lighting. Known as a light transmissive carpet, its possible uses are in displaying information (flight and gate data appearing on the carpeted floor of an airport departure lounge, for instance) as well as creating more enjoyable living spaces by enhancing the atmosphere of rooms.

Leading UK flooring contractor

FLR Group is a main supplier of Desso Commercial Carpets, which can be used in a wide variety of settings. Commercial clients can set the right tone from the moment their clients and customers set foot on a Desso carpet on their premises, where they will stand up to large amounts of wear and tear while continuing to provide comfort and look amazing.

As a Desso carpet tile and carpets specialist, FLR Group can also offer a number of consumer carpets, including the Bonaparte and Parade brands. These luxury carpets will add distinction and sophistication to homes and heighten the level of the occupants' comfort.

Luxury carpeting

Desso carpets is also well-known for its custom-made luxury carpeting, which has been installed at some of the top hotels around the world. It's essential to set fine properties apart from each other and to create an atmosphere for guests of exclusivity and sophistication. FLR Group is pleased to supply the UK hospitality industry with tailor-made carpets that will wow their guests and draw them back again and again.

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