Nordic Stories Carpet Tiles

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Contemporary Scandinavian design by Milliken, available in a range of colours and styles.

Nordic Stories Tiles

At FLR Group we're proud to offer you the Nordic Stories range of carpet tiles from Milliken.

Nordic Stories brings the best in contemporary design to carpet tiles - the practical solution for many environments. Milliken has reached across from Iceland to Denmark to pick up on the textures and colours of the north to bring you this exciting collection of four patterns - Tectonic, Hidden Plains, Isograd and Extreme Contrasts.

All four are available in a wide range of greys and earth colours but adventurous designers can also plump for "Pippi's Red", a dark crimson; "Aalto", an understated purple; or "Iceflow", a gentle turquoise.

This range of colours and textures makes Nordic Stories perfect for all environments, whether it's in the home, office, schools, hospitals or other buildings.


As the name suggests, Tectonic is inspired by the structure of the Earth's crust. The criss-cross grids are plain to see yet subtle enough to blend into a coherent whole. Tectonic is ideal for large, open spaces where a more linear pattern would appear too fussy.

Hidden Plains

Another subtle texture, irregular squares are offset to create a pattern reminiscent of the steppes of the Arctic. From a design point of view, the look is contemporary but also hints at geometric designs of the late 1960s so it fits perfectly into office situations.


The simple, tight lines of Isograd bring to mind the stratification lines of the exposed rock of the stark yet beautiful northern Scandinavian landscapes. The lines spread in just one direction, making Isograd perfect for creating an illusion of length to one plane or for drawing the eye to a particular feature.

Extreme Contrasts

Finally, this pattern is similar to Hidden Plains but the squares and rectangles are more defined. Extreme Contrasts therefore sits well in very light rooms where the full effect can be experienced. It also works well when different hues are mixed together to create zones of different activity, without erecting walls.

Environmentally-friendly practicality

Made in Wigan using ethically sourced materials, of local origin wherever possible, Milliken's Nordic Stories range features a hard-wearing 90% recycled material cushion backing. Installation is quick and safe, being adhesive-free.

To see the stunning Nordic Stories range from Milliken, why not drop in to our Solihull showroom? Or, if you're further afield, drop us a line or call.

We're always happy to give advice and help customers select the right product.

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You can find more information on Nordic Stories and other Milliken products on the official Milliken website.

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