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Commercial Flooring Accessories.

Quantum Flooring manufacture and supply the contract flooring market with a complete range of flooring accessories. The range includes stair nosing (stair edging), PVC accessories and trims as well as PVC transition profiles.

Quantum Flooring Accessories

Flooring accessories specialists Quantum flooring provide the important finishing touches to flooring installations.

Quantum flooring provide stair nosing, trims, and transitions profiles which are essential for ensuring that commercial buildings are compliant with health and safety guidelines. Selecting the right accessories is crucial if you are to achieve a professional finish, but it also ensures flooring is protected from damage and increases its longevity.

Stair Nosings

Also known as stair edgings, nosings are designed to be attached on the front edge of each step, known as the 'nose'. Their purpose is twofold; firstly, they help to protect staircase floor coverings from damage which commonly occurs in high footfall areas, and secondly, they ensure your building adheres to DDA safety guidelines which state that stair nosing, in a colour which contrasts to the surrounding floor covering, must be used in all public access areas. This is to help to draw attention to the edge of the step in order to prevent trips or falls.

Quantum stair nosings are available in a number of styles to work with various different floor coverings, including carpet, concrete, vinyl and laminate.

PVC Trims

PVC trims are essential accessories for wall joints because they help to keep vinyl floor coverings in their best condition and create a clean, tidy finish. Quantum flooring also provide a range of skirtings, capping strips and other accessories that can help us provide you with a neat, tidy finish to your flooring installation.

Transition Profiles

In order to finish floor coverings at edges and joints we use Quantum flooring transition profiles. The help to minimise fraying or other damage, and reduce trip hazards where one type of flooring meets another. Quantum flooring have a range of transition profiles, each one with a slightly different purpose, but we can help you to select the most appropriate style for your flooring.

At FLR Group, we are specialists in flooring installations and Quantum Flooring products, and can help you to choose the best products for your building. The balance between practicality and design is crucial, but with our expertise we can ensure your flooring installation is well designed and professional.

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