KTM Motorcycles

KTM Sport motorcycle UK, the world’s leading manufacturer of off-road motorcycles and the largest European motorcycle manufacturer, has relocated its UK headquarters to new premises on the high-performance technology and motorsport (HPTM) business estate. We were tasked with the completion of all the flooring works to their new facility. KTM’s new HQ will also be home to its Husqvarna motorcycle brand The announcement of KTM’s move adds yet further credibility to asset manager MEPC’s development of Silverstone Park as a premier global business destination for the HPTM sectors. The Austrian-founded company has fitted out more than 13,000 sq ft of property at Silverstone Park to include offices, brand rooms, a conference suite, workshops, an internal ‘bike wash’ facility and a sales and marketing centre to work with its 38 dealerships across the UK.