Ideal flooring solutions for obscure areas

Here at FLR, we don’t just sell general flooring solutions such as commercial carpet and safety flooring; we also sell solutions for smaller, more specific areas. We believe that it’s important to choose the perfect flooring for even the most minor part of your home or business premises. This is because flooring can drastically affect an environment’s aesthetic and functionality. We’ve developed a list of areas that are often forgotten about when choosing flooring… what’s more, we have some suggestions for the types of flooring solution you should use in these areas.

1. Entrances

Entrance halls with hard floors can often become slippery and dangerous because water is brought in on visitors’ shoes. As such, it is sensible to lay down a slip-resistant flooring solution that can either absorb or resist water. However, you may not wish to splash out on safety flooring or luxurious carpeting for your entrance hall. After all, its main purpose is simply to provide access to the rest of your building. We suggest using some entrance matting instead. Entrance matting is simple, slip-resistant matting designed to be laid down in front of your entrance. It helps to alleviate the risk of slipping while simultaneously making your entrance hall look more welcoming and friendly.

2. Stairways

Stairs can become worn and slippery over time, especially at the very edge of each step. Not only does this affect their safety level, it also makes them look less appealing. You probably don’t want to replace the flooring on your stairs excessively often. As such, you need a flooring solution that can protect the edges of your steps from wear-and-tear without detracting from their visual appeal. We offer a range of stylish stair nosings that cover the edges of your stairs and protect them from damage.

3. Bathrooms

It’s easy to overlook how important bathrooms are in defining a building’s character. Therefore, it’s tempting to opt for a bathroom floor that is merely functional and water-resistant. However, we believe your bathroom floor should be as stylish as the rest of your building’s floors. That’s why we offer a range of wet room flooring solutions that look great as well as resist water.

Don’t overlook the smaller, less obvious areas of your building when choosing flooring solutions. With our products, you can ensure that even minor areas of your building have a powerful visual impact and are safe to use.