& Community Plan


Every single student will be gifted at something. We have to do more to make sure every child is given the chance to figure out what their gift is.

The issue facing the school system is there are children all around the country who won't have the opportunities most do.

Lack of resources such as books can limit a child's education and put them on the back-foot.

Our sole objective is to make these students aware of their potential regardless of whether they're seen as academic or not.

Our current plans in Education include:

  • Redeveloping Libraries and providing books
  • Organising educational and recreational trips including transport
  • Helping to enhance outdoor learning areas
  • Providing resources to promote wellbeing

Community Outreach

Bringing the community together is about creating the change which they want. Making sure that there is something which will benefit everybody.

The aim of our community outreach programme is to help those that really need it. So many people in the UK alone are left without a voice and are only in need of a helping hand.

By reaching out to these people, we will start to gain more of an insight to what the community really needs. How projects like ours can start to make a difference to everyone.

We will be looking at the community in ways such as:

  • Those who don't have access to regular transport
  • People who don't have regular contact with others
  • Creating green spaces and adding benefits to the canals


Wellbeing is so important in everyday life. Daily stressors can start to build up over time, and if they're not worked on, they can start to become bigger issues.

What we want to get out of our projects most of all is having a positive impact on wellbeing. Over the last few years, the impact of mental health has been in full focus.

So many people are struggling just because they lack support and access to help. If we can just create a benefit for one person, then all of this will be worthwhile.