Karndean Art Select Range

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The Art Select range from Karndean Design Flooring is a premium flooring collection which brings the natural beauty of wood and stone flooring to life in your home.

The Art Select Range

Since 1973, the team at Karndean Design Flooring have been proud to manufacture and supply the most exquisite aesthetics and stylish flooring for a global client base. A favourite of interior designers, architects, and those with an eye for beauty, we strongly believe that the very best of craftsmanship is on display in the stunning Art Select range.

Commercial & Domestic

Perfect for use in both commercial and domestic environments, this breath-taking collection of wood and stone vinyl options offers our clients a dazzling blend of authentic textures and rich colours, to recreate the effortless elegance and allure of natural materials such as slate, oak, and marble.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, the collection is bursting with charm and character, and offers the very epitome of timeless decadence for those who wish to transform their property from an everyday abode to a transcendental escape from the monotony of modern living.

Stone Collections

The Art Select range is universally opulent, yet Karndean recognise the need for individuality in their designs, and that’s why they offer you the choice of either stone or wood flooring to choose from.

The former is perfect for adding a regal grandeur to homes and commercial spaces. Bringing to mind the exquisite decadence of ancient Roman villas and the towering palazzos of Renaissance Italy, it adds the intoxicating combination of eternal stone and finely-honed human craftsmanship, to delight the eye with the natural beauty of travertine, marble, slate, limestone, and more.

Utilising intricate designs and realistic embosses, each section is hand crafted to reflect the unique patterns and textures of real stone, so that the end result is both precious and utterly individual to you and your space.

Wood Collections

Stone flooring can look magnificent in your property, but so can wood, which is why they offer both in the Art Select range. The latter is perfect for adding a rustic charm and character to interiors, and helps to conjure the vintage elegance of towering Tudor halls and sun-baked Victorian townhouses.

Injecting the provincial beauty of real timber into your home or work space, it creates a warm and relaxed ambience, each segment uniquely patterned by its history. Karndean choose only the most perfect and characterful specimens to use, and this natural effect is something that can be enhanced through the addition of beautiful borders and feature strips. The end effect is simply stunning.

Transform your home today - explore the Karndean range and be inspired at our Solihull showroom.

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