Karndean Opus Range

Fresh and contemporary

The Opus range from Karndean Design Flooring is a collection of wood and stone vinyl that offers a unique combination of extra large tiles and planks.

Opus for Everyone

With travertine, slate, porcelain and even concrete flooring effects, the Karndean Opus collection really does offer something for everyone. Whether you are aiming for a cosy traditional or a sleek modernist look to your home, the Opus collection offers tones, sizes and colours that will suit any design scheme and make your home into a place that you can be excited about coming back to each day.

Durable Travertine Stone Style

Real travertine stone is beautiful but can be problematic with installation and aftercare. The travertine effect vinyl from the Opus collection offers the same open, mottled pattern in a good sized 18" by 12" tile. This Sandstone tile is a beautiful warm colour with natural-looking darker brown details which can be enhanced by the addition of a dark feature strip. This travertine stone vinyl would look great sweeping across a large expanse of floor.

Multiple Slate Designs

The Opus collection offers 3 different slate vinyl tiles. These slate tiles give a more definite look than the warm travertine and can have a striking impact on your room design. The darkest of the 3 is Nero which gives the sleek impression of a matt black tile but actually has subtle intricacies which will enhance your room. If you want a more irregular feel to your floor, the Atlantic Slate vinyl from our Opus collection will achieve this as it has a layout of different sized tiles in striking chocolate and silver shades.

Concrete Vinyls Tiles

Poured concrete slabs are popular and can look impressive with modern furniture and in larger spaces. Our range of 4 concrete vinyls represents the best in poured concrete colouring and texture. Mico and the slightly darker Urbus are the closest to traditional concrete in colour whilst the warmer Terra and Forma offer the same sheen but with subtle colour effects.

Porcelain Vinyl Tiles

For a porcelain tile effect, you should take a closer look at Luna which really is the colour of the moon. This subtle and understated vinyl tile gives a clean and smooth stone effect which allows statement furnishings to take the forefront.

The Opus tile range covers such a wide variety of vinyl options that it may well make you rethink your design ideas. Our team are happy to advise you and you can use our 'view in real home' option to see your flooring choice in home situations. We can also send out flooring samples at a small cost which will help you to make a final decision when you have started to narrow down your preferences.

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