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The look of real timber

The Van Gogh range from Karndean Designflooring is a collection of beautiful and realistic woods. Gain the stunning visual benefit of wood without the practical pitfalls.

The Van Gogh Range

Beautiful and realistic, the Van Gogh collection from Karndean Design Flooring is based around a distinctive plank design. The inspiration for the designs draw on the life of the great artist himself, and his famous artwork. The French countryside, cottage style rooms, bare wood and rustic roof beams are all used as inspiration here.

Each of the 12 styles on offer reproduce the transforming effect time has on natural wood. Adding to this unique look, the range also replicates the way such traditional processes as burning, as well as liming and smoking, have on real wood. Altogether there are 32 wood design options for you to choose from.

The tough vinyl covering has the deep grain and detailing of large planks of flooring, specifically in the size of 48 inches by 7 inches. It comes in four different texture ranges, based on natural wood types to provide a range of grains and colours that will suit any décor. These four are French Oaks, American Redwood, Scottish Beech and Mexican Cypress.

Rustic and Antique Style Floors

Capture the look and feel of a hundred year old rustic cottage in the French countryside with the French Oak-based Van Gogh floorings. These have a lightly lime-washed look to achieve that reclaimed antique timber aesthetic.

Railway Sleeper

Add a truly individual interior design touch to your home based on the distinctive look of railway sleepers. And not just any kind of sleeper. The Rough-Luxe designs use American Redwood railway sleepers for inspiration, creating that repurposed wood look without the pitfalls you get from the use of real reclaimed timber.

Alternatively, turn your floor into the perfect backdrop by using one of the smoked Scottish Beech looks. Taking into account the fuming and smoking processes traditionally used with natural wood timber, these have either a rich Burgundy hue or the distinctive Charred Oak burnt look.

Mixing together the effects of liming and burning in one design, the Cypress designs are the most detailed and sophisticated in the collection. A stunning effect, the refined style has a distinctive rustic appearance.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Van Gogh collection comes with a lifetime guarantee and has an approximate wear layer measuring 0.55mm, making it particularly robust and resilient for use in heavy traffic areas. The flooring uses a manufacturer specified adhesive for installation, in a method often called glue-down. It comes in design strips measuring 1219mm by 178mm by 3mm. There are 15 of these tiles in each pack.

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