Karndean Da Vinci Range

Traditional, with a modern twist

The Da Vinci range from Karndean Designflooring is a collection of wood and stone vinyl that offers a unique combination of traditional elegance of style and modern tones and sizes.

The Da Vinci Range

Karndean have been supplying luxury flooring to satisfied customers since 1973. Our Da Vinci range reflects our passion for imaginative and innovative vinyl flooring products and we believe that if you choose from this range you will achieve a statement floor effect that will impress visitors to your home but remain well within your flooring budget.

Range of Sizes and Styles

The Da Vinci range is a wood and stone vinyl range that offers a unique combination of traditional elegance of style and modern tones and sizes. The range includes stone vinyl in large 16" square floor tiles, two sizes of rectangular tiles in 12" by 18" and 10.5" by 5.25" and wooden vinyl 36" by 3" planks. The attention to detail in each element of the Da Vinci range is outstanding and the numerous choices of finish offer opportunity to create exactly the home design that you are after.

Wood Effect Vinyl

The Da Vinci wood effect vinyl offers timeless appeal and all the warmth of a real wood product. Each of our 36" by 3" planks are finished with bevelled edges which give an authentic feel and look superior on any size floor. Available in 18 natural shades of beautiful wood there is something in our Da Vinci wood effect collection to suit any home. From the washed out, relaxed style of the Limed Silk or Limed Linen Oaks to the more formal sheen of the Scorched Oak or Double Smoked Acacia, the Da Vinci range has a wood tone that will blend flawlessly with your home design and show your furnishings off to perfection.

Da Vinci Stone Effect

The Da Vinci stone effect vinyl offers a realistic stone look without the difficulty and expense of installing a real stone floor. Our range will suit design specs from the modern and avant garde to the traditional and luxurious. When you consider the impact your flooring choice will have on the look and feel of your home, you will be pleased with the range of choice in colour and stone that the Da Vinci collection has to offer. For a sleek, modern look why not consider a large 16" stone tile with the distinctively dark Noir colouring. For something more traditional and easy on the eye, how about the standard rectangular 12" by 18" tile in Bluff.

If you want help with your selection or advice on fitting, our dedicated team of designers and fitters will be happy to discuss your requirements. We like talking to our customers, so feel free to contact us.

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