Coventry Council Blocks
Stairs and Nosings

Restoring Flats

Teaming up with Impart Links and Citizen, we've rolled up our sleeves to give a fresh look to local council blocks in Coventry.

Our task? To lay down some cracking wood-style vinyl flooring across various blocks. It wasn’t just about making the floors look smart, but also ensuring they’re sturdy, easy on the eyes, and comfy for the folks living there.

The Project

We’re all about making a difference in our neck of the woods. Here’s how we tackled it:

  • Good Old Teamwork: Working hand-in-hand with Impart Links and Citizen, we mapped out a plan for each block, drawing on our local knowledge
  • Top-Notch Flooring: We selected an ideal wood-style vinyl. It’s tough, easy to keep clean, and gives off a warm, homely feel
  • Quick and Tidy Job: Our team got stuck in, fitting the flooring quickly but without cutting corners
  • Safety’s Key: We fitted new stair nosings, keeping the stairs safe and tough for years to come

It’s been a total transformation. Each block now has a floor that’s not just easy on the eye but practical and safe. We’ve had a load of positive feedback so far.

We've Got It Covered

This project’s a proper example of what we’re about: top-quality work, teamwork, and a focus on the community. We’re more than just a flooring contractor, a local business that genuinely cares.

Together with Impart Links and Citizen, we’re raising the bar for community-focused projects.