Restaurant in Birmingham

Who are Land Restaurant?

During Veganuary 2023, we had the opportunity to revamp the flooring at one of Birmingham’s leading vegan restaurants. Located in the iconic Great Western Arcade Birmingham City Centre, Land is a chic stand-alone restaurant, that boasts an exclusively plant-based menu.

We have seen an explosion of restaurant flooring projects within the hospitality sector all with a variety of unique concepts. The right flooring is an essential part of every dining experience. Whether it’s a quirky space or somewhere simple we are always challenged to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Materials that fit the aesthetic  

Adorned with ambient green walls, earthy tones and eclectic furniture, the intimate space at Land is right on theme. Upon consulting the client, it was clear that practicality was a key factor to consider when selecting the flooring material. It was also important the flooring fit the aesthetic of the restaurant.

Luxury vinyl tiles were the client’s chosen material. The features of this chosen tile include, a polyurethane reinforcement to reduce maintenance costs, indoor air comfort and they even contain 40% recycled content. These qualities partnered with the stone effect, made it the perfect choice for Land.

The Importance of restaurant flooring  

Spillages, scraping chairs and stacked deliveries are just a normal day at a restaurant. In commercial spaces such as these, its essential that the flooring that can endure the constant challenges it will face. There are number of things to consider when flooring a restaurant:

Materials such as luxury vinyl tiles, that were chosen by Land, are always a popular choice as they can be quickly wiped clean.

Opting for dark colours, rather than something bright, will also help to disguise blemishes which is great for intermittent periods where the restaurant can’t be cleaned instantly.

Is the floor slip resistant? If a diner or chef happened to take a fall, is the floor gentle enough to not cause a major injury? Safe flooring is key.

Can it handle the cleaning? Mopping is a regular occurrence for every restaurant. This equals chemicals, detergents and water continually penetrating the floors surfaces. Ensuring that the fit is done to a high standard, which is what we pride ourselves on, reduces the chances of damages occurring.