2022 @ FLR

Christmas Lunch With The Team

We kicked off our Christmas festivities with two delicious courses at The Farm Restaurant. After years of covid disrupting our Christmas traditions, we knew that it was essential to make the most of our time together. Staff laughed, chatted and enjoyed Christmas cracker wars, whilst reflecting on this year at FLR.

Christmas Jumper Day

The mandatory Christmas jumper day was a successful one. Though it was met with some opposition at first, it was fantastic to see everyone embrace their festive knits. We also used it as an opportunity to raise money for our adopted charity. We then indulged in more Christmas treats and sat together to eat Nando’s for lunch. Gifts were shared and jokes flowed as the team enjoyed some quality time away from their desks.

The festive period always reminds us how family oriented we are here at FLR. Our CEO Jeff has always been big on creating a ‘culture’ that allows team members to thrive. Providing staff with a pleasant work atmosphere, makes them feel rewarded. Our decision to close the office completely over Christmas, also gives the team well-deserved rejuvenation time. In return they give us their best work and a strong start the new year.

Feeding The Cats At Wythall

Although Christmas is a fantastic time of year for many people, it can often be the worst for animals. During this period pets are abandoned at a much higher rate, according to the RSPCA there were ‘1478 reports of abandoned animals, up 29% on last year’. With this knowledge, we knew it was the perfect time to help our adopted charity, Wythall Animal Sanctuary.

We gifted the charity with six boxes of food to nourish their cats. The food was personally hand delivered by Liam, our resident golfer and quantity surveyor, and Jake. The pair thoroughly enjoyed bonding with the animals over at the sanctuary. They also took the time to chat with the volunteers to learn more about what the charity does in the community.