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As we continue to celebrate our 40th year in business, we’ve been reflecting on this tremendous journey. From humble beginnings, operating within a small premises, to our plush offices in Solihull. It’s fair to say we’ve come a long way.  

But what they say is true, home is where the heart is. Though a lot has changed, what’s stayed the same is the love we have for our city, Birmingham. Architecturally, the city has seen countless milestones, such as the iconic erection of the Bullring almost 20 years ago and the £188 million Library of Birmingham that turns ten this year. It’s been amazing to see how the Birmingham skyline has been transformed over the years.  

40 years, 40 monumental buildings that we’ve covered (literally). In this article we’ll be highlighting our top 5 projects.  


Characterised with a bright red exterior and shining glass panels, Mailbox is an unmistakeable building, located on the outskirts of the city centre. 

Originally it was home to Royal Mail, used as one of their main sorting offices (so now you know where its name comes from). Enclosing 18 restaurants, a cinema, 2 hotels and 144 apartments Mailbox sees over 6 million visitors per year. It’s also got some pretty big residents to, such as the BBC and luxury department store Harvey Nichols.  

We had the pleasure of fitting all of the flooring in the apartments, as well as the communal and service areas leading down to where the shopping is located. Still standing beautifully to this day Mailbox is a testament of our high-quality work.  


A cylindrical high rise building that features some of the city’s most expensive apartments.  

Rotunda is an understated gem opposite the notorious bull. The building has survived its fair share of ups and downs. Built initially as an office space in the 1960’s, then destroyed in the the 1974 IRA bombings. Though the building was restored, it was left derelict for the early 2000’s. However, after acquiring its grade II listed status, it was clear this architectural stunner was here to stay. When the refurbishment was announced in 2003, FLR were commissioned to do what we do best. We kitted out the luxury apartments and communal areas with top-notch flooring.  

Council House

In the heart of Victoria square, the Birmingham Council House will forever remain a local treasure. With architecture that dates back to the 1800’s, it was intricately crafted to be a pinnacle for Birmingham city centre. What would now be equivalent to 14.5million, then £163,805, was invested to create the grade II listed landmark. It is occupied by the Birmingham city council as headquarters for their work. We acquired a contract with Birmingham City council, and have undergone works in the council house and museum/art gallery for the past 20 years. Whilst carrying out work in the premises, we’ve been fortunate to witness some major historical events. Most notably, the G8 Summit 1998, where Birmingham welcomed Bill Clinton and the late Queen Elizabeth  

Edgbaston Cricket Ground

One of the leading venues in world cricket, Edgbaston Cricket Ground ranks high as one of Birmingham’s most popular locationsIt has been the home for Warwickshire County Cricket Club since 1885. We have had a long-lasting relationship with Edgbaston Cricket Club and provided many types of flooring across the venue. Safety areas, communal areas and function venues are just a few of the places we’ve covered in the vicinity. As well as installing flooring, we have been fortunate to forge a greater connection with WCCC. Last year we were the proud sponsors of their championship kit. Read more about our relationship with WCCC.  


Deemed by critics as Birmingham’s most iconic building, Selfridges has been turning heads since the minute it was developed. With an exterior containing 15,000 aluminium disks, and 4 floors filled with luxury brands, the unique sculpture is one of a kind. Unveiled to the public in 2003, Selfridges became a shopping phenomenon for the midland’s residents. Our experience at Selfridges was one to remember. We were asked to install some new flooring in the Hugo boss changing rooms, though it seems pretty straightforward, this job was one to remember. We had to be on-site before the shoppers, which meant a 4am start for our staff. Additionally, we had to manoeuvre machinery across a tiny space and carry out a perfect install.