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More than just a flooring contractor

40 years on and thousands of flooring jobs later, we realised it was about time to show our clients what we get up to at FLR Group.

Our strapline gives you a sense that we are not just about boring flooring! We felt it was time to take the dive. Out with the tiles and carpets, in with the posts and reels. That’s right, we’ve jumped on social media.

Meet the Walkers

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves. Though you may know us as FLR Group, in reality there’s a much better backstory. Meet the Walkers, Jeff, our founding director, Faith our Commercial Director, and Luca our Sustainability Director. Those are the official titles but spend a day in the office and you’re more likely to hear Dad, Mom and Dukes.

You’ll learn more about the people behind FLR Group and what makes us so unique.

With it being the month of November, we decided to put the spotlight on Faith Walker.

As an Ex-Military Corporal, Faith provided a meaningful poppy day tribute, and an insight into what her life was like whilst serving for the country. Although we commemorate this day on 11th November, it’s something we embrace throughout the year.

National Sandwich Day

Whether you’re out on a job or at our headquarters, no two days are the same at FLR. Though the team is made up of different individuals, we delight in things that bring us all together.

National Sandwich Day, which took place on 3rd November, showcased that no matter who you are, one thing we can all agree on is a good sandwich!

Breakfast favourites, such as sausage and egg, were amongst the highly nominated, followed closely by the infamous ‘cheese and toasted’.

You might be wondering what this has to do with flooring, but after 40 years in business we’ve realised a nourished fitter is a better fitter.

Bamako & Listed Buildings

Sandwiches aside, we are very serious about what we do.

Completing jobs to the highest standard and using innovative techniques, are just a couple of things that make us the best in the game. This month alone we completed over 50 jobs.

As featured on our social media, a huge project with Cordia Blackswan has been underway. The company have renovated a listed building in Birmingham city centre, historically a Lloyds Bank, it’s now their swanky office space.

The flooring material was provided by Balsan; the client opted for ‘Bamako’ a designer broadloom carpet. Carried out by some of our most experienced fitters, the quality and professional results are testament to what we do.

World Cup Fever

Competition is something we’re familiar with at FLR Group, but this month it’s been nice to just sit back and watch. With the World Cup 2022 in full swing, our team have been able to enjoy it on-screen in our office. We decided to throw in some Dominos and Nando’s for the team to tuck into, as they watched England thrash Iran.

Building a positive work environment, that rewards staff and prioritises their well-being, is one of our biggest achievements to date. Every member of the team enjoys what they do, and it’s reflected in the work that’s completed.

We will be keeping you in the loop from this day forward! Be sure to follow us on your favourite platform so you don’t miss some of the exciting projects and stories we’re working on.