Day Tribute With Faith

Corporal Faith Walker

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With it being the month of November, we decided to put the spotlight on Faith Walker.

As an Ex-Military Corporal, Faith provided a meaningful poppy day tribute, and an insight into what her life was like whilst serving for the country. Although we commemorate this day on 11th November, it’s something we embrace throughout the year.

Wearing a poppy means a great deal to me because I'm ex-military.

I often think back to when I was in the military and all the good times I had, what it meant to be a soldier and how proud I felt being part of a group.

Whilst I was in Northern Island, in the time of the troubles I saw the bravery of some of our soldiers at that time.

So for me it's about recognising past military actions like World War One and World War Two. But we also have the actions of our military throughout recent times.

So I recognise the importance of the actions and the bravery of fellow soldiers before me.

So it is more than just that symbol to me. It's almost like if I didn't wear one, I would truly feel naked.

Faith Walker