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Office Flooring by Amtico

If you're trying to decide on a new look or layout for an office, there are lots of important considerations to bear in mind. The layout must be user-friendly, clean and comfortable. Few things will scare off good employees as much as a poor working environment, so it's imperative to make sure that you create an attractive and functional workplace to keep them happy.

Considering Your Options

So, what do you need to consider when making these important decisions? Even simple things like colour can have a huge impact on how an office looks and feels, and the quality of the furniture, decoration and flooring all play a huge part. Amtico commercial flooring offers a whole range of suitable, and beautiful, flooring options - with a selection broad enough to find just the right match for your other fittings, as well as your budget.

Office Stone Flooring

The stunning selection of stone and tiled flooring comes in a huge number of different colours and styles. From stand-out patterns, to beautifully subtle and luxurious designs, you have a vast range to choose from. For a cool, statement look why not choose the wonderful Patina Atom tiles, where shades of dark grey are accented with pewter tones and a soft sheen effect to reflect light and create an impression of gently undulating colour? Or, for something lighter but equally distinctive, look at the Fragment range - perhaps the Fragment Nova, in which bright mica glistens and glimmers in a precious mineral-like way against this creamy backdrop, softly reflecting light and creating a truly eye-catching focal point for your office design.

Wood Flooring for the Office

If you're operating in a more traditional office building, wood flooring may be a preferable option. Amtico can offer everything from light grey mottled ash tones, through to rich dark brown maples and oaks. Why not try the village oak, or natural oak for a simple, sophisticated look - or perhaps the wild cherry for a classic and stylish wood floor?

Abstract Office Flooring

Finally if you want to go for something a little different, why not have a look at the abstract ranges from Amtico, such as Alchemy Atmosphere or Shimmer Denim? This deep blue style has a subtle powder lustre, which reveals itself subtly among the dark blue-grey tones, bringing a touch of contemporary style and sparkle to your office environment. For the perfect floor for your office, browse the Amtico range today!

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