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Amtico have a range of options to suit all retail environments.

Retail Flooring by Amtico

Amtico offer a range of flooring options that are perfect for a retail environment. Different choices are available depending on the anticipated footfall in the retail environment in question - in stone, wood and tiles, with a whole range of colours, styles and patterns.

Hard Wearing Retail Flooring

For the most hard wearing options, why not browse the fantastic selection of stone flooring available? Cadence Savannah, from the Amtico Signature range is a perfect option for a high-end retail outlet. This solid stone can stand up to significant footfall for prolonged periods of time, and its warm, velvet tones use a subtle blend of dark and light that plays perfectly with natural or artificial light, and are sure to give you a luxurious look for any retail outlet.

Natural Retail Flooring

If you're looking for a more traditional feel, the raw grain and smoky colour tones of Harbour Pine, also from the Amtico Signature range, give it a perfect natural beauty. This to allow you to recreate a weathered, reclaimed look - whilst still being able to rest assured that your flooring is extremely durable. If you would prefer a warmer wood tone, Black Walnut or Warm Cherry are great options - and will keep any retail premises looking stylish and chic, making sure that your customers keep coming back for more.

Modern Retail Flooring

However, stone and wood are all very well for a traditional look - but won't work for every environment. If you're looking for a more cutting-edge, modern look - the Amtico abstract range has a broad selection, in every colour and style you could want. For warm tones, the Sevilla, Bangkok and Mumbai selections are a perfect, durable choice for any retail setting. Cooler options are available from the Paris and Helsinki ranges. You can also choose from the stylish Glitter Orb and Glitter Void selections, for a striking and distinctive choice of flooring for any shop.

If you anticipate moderate to lower footfall, there are also a beautiful range of softer woods that can be an ideal solution for a classy and distinguished look. Try Whitewashed Wood or Bleached Elm for a light, fresh look - or why not try Pale Cherry or Sun Bleached Oak for a warm, welcoming feel.

A range of stone flooring options are also available for light retail use; Caspian Limestone and Riverstone Chalk are two excellent options to create a sophisticated, clean retail environment, that will make you stand out from your competitors, and keep you customers and workforce happy.

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