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Amtico's range of flooring products are highly suited to commercial environments and high-traffic spaces, click on one of the sectors below to learn more.

Commercial Interiors

A clean, well-presented environment is critically important for employee wellbeing, not to mention playing a huge role in presenting a good impression to your customers or external visitors. Your choice of colour theme, lighting and furniture all contributes to creating the right kind of environment - but one of the most often overlooked aspects of commercial interior design is flooring.


It might be tempting to opt for very plain laminate flooring, or worse - carpet tiles. However, this is a misguided choice when there is now such a wide range of beautiful and durable flooring options available - which are just as hard-wearing, and far more attractive! Dark shades of brown, black and grey can still be a good option if you anticipate a lot of wear and tear, and don't be afraid to move away from cheap, bristly carpets; look for stylish and sleek tiles, wood, stone and new fusion materials.


Working in a healthcare environment can be a stressful experience, so the more pleasant and well-adapted your surroundings, the better. Keep your workforce happy and comfortable with clean, durable flooring, with bright, eye-catching designs. Go for a twist on traditional tiles, with Amtico's cutting edge designs in stunning colours, or with metallic effects. Choose a smooth surface for easy cleaning, to ensure you are providing a safe environment for your workforce and patients alike.


Whether you're looking for solid, practical wood flooring for a school hall or theatre, or you're redesigning your hallways and classrooms, Amtico flooring has a lot to offer. Choose modern simplicity with a neutral pine, a warming maple, or a pale ash. Or for a more traditional look, perhaps in an older building, why not opt for the rustic charm of reclaimed oak, cedar or rustic limed wood? Keep your classrooms and hallways looking modern and stylish with Amtico abstract designs. There are a whole range of shimmers, metals, linear and colours available to choose from, and you can mix and match the sizes and finishes to create a stunning and motivational educational setting.

Retail, leisure and hospitality

Whether you experience huge customer footfall, or are tailored to an exclusive, luxury market, several factors are always an important part of your premises design. Choosing a flooring option that gives the outlet a luxurious feeling is a sure fire way to keep your customers happy with their experience. From chic, minimalist stone, to solid, traditional wooden designs, The FLR Group has a perfect range of Amtico commercial flooring to choose from.

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