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Leisure and hospitality Flooring

Whether you run a hotel or a pub, a nightclub or a spa, you'll know that the first impressions your customers get when they enter your premises are critical to the success of your business. After all, for anyone operating in the leisure and hospitality industry, your décor and fitting go far beyond just serving a functional purpose. With so many competing hospitality and leisure venues to choose from, it's critical that you wow customers from the very start if you are to ensure repeat trade - and that includes creating an attractive, tasteful environment.

This is where Amtico flooring can help set you apart. There are a stunning, and huge range of flooring options to choose from, all of which give you far more than just a tidy, practical option. The choice of beautiful designs, unusual textures and sophisticated colours means that you can pick the perfect match for the impression your company wants to create.

Why not choose from the staggering selection of pine, oak, walnut or whitewash wood, to give your venue an expensive, high-quality feel? The Amtico wood ranges can bring you any hue, with shades of white and grey - try the Nordic Oak for a sublime, light wood look - or explore the light, dark and rich brown shade available. Parisian Pine offers a stunning light brown, antique look, or why not go for a classic teak flooring, if you want a deep, warm colour? For the darkest options, check out vintage chestnut, or perhaps Amtico's beautiful dry teak; or if you want a dark grey, almost black colour scheme, the cellar oak or script maple coal are both fantastic choices, perfect for a pub or bar.

Beyond wood, there are a range of stone options available, for a chic, sophisticated look that is also extremely easy to care for and maintain. There's everything from slate and marble right through to a selection of ceramics in plain and patterned options. For a particularly eye-catching look to make your floor really stand out, why not look at the range of silver and gold flecked tiles, from the gorgeous black and silver fragment abyss design, to the opulent fragment comet in copper and gold.

Amtico also offer a range of abstract flooring, where different sizes and styles of tile can be mixed to create a bespoke floor design, just for you. If you want to stand out from the crowd, Amtico Leisure and Hospitality flooring is a great way forwards!

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